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Are worry and despair your lot since

Several weeks ?


Are you overwhelmed by problems or by trials? Are you tempted to doubt God's love for you?

Dealing with the pressure shouldn't put you off because Jesus said:

“You will have tribulation in the world” (John 16:33). Pressure

is inherent in life on earth, whether it comes directly from your adversary, the devil, or from the consequences of your bad decisions.


However, heed the words that frame Jesus' words, the beginning and the end of this verse 33: “I have told you these things, that you may have peace in me. (...) but have good courage, I have conquered the world. Even under intense pressure it is possible to live in peace and joy, with a winning disposition. Why ?

Because He conquered the world!


In this book, Keith Butler teaches you the rules on which the art of dealing with pressure depends, biblical rules enforced by Jesus and other figures in the Scriptures. As you read this book, you will be able to place sorrow and trial in divine perspective and you will be able to overcome all kinds of pressure, with the effective help of the Holy Spirit and the truth of God. holy Word of God.



Faith has five elements that we must learn and practice if we are to live a successful Christian life.


The first element of faith is listening to the Word of God. The second is to receive the Word of God, the third is to believe what it says. The fourth element of faith is to declare the Word of God and the fifth to act on what it says.


In Romans 10: 8-10 it is written:


What is she saying? The word is very close to you, in your mouth and in your heart. Now this word is that of faith, which we preach. If you publicly acknowledge with your own mouth that Jesus is the Lord and if you believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. Indeed, it is with the heart that one believes and arrives at justice, and it is with the mouth that one affirms a conviction and arrives at salvation.


These verses from Romans10 mention two words that reappear over and over again throughout Scripture and which are connected with faith - “the heart” and “the mouth”. Let's dig deeper into the Word and see how to use our hearts and mouths to assimilate and practice these five elements of faith.



Those who know how to walk by faith and not by sight are the ones who will receive victory during these difficult and dangerous times.

The Word of God is full of incredible truths about the faith-led life. You are the heir of God, and therefore the beneficiary of all the advantages associated with this status. If you live by faith, you will receive the rewards that this lifestyle brings: all the blessings promised to Abraham, the Father of faith, and the rewards from Heaven.

In Faith That Makes Life, Pastor Butler discusses many topics such as:

The works, patience, and characteristics of Abraham's faith that you owe  imitate.

How God speaks to you and directs you by the Holy Spirit.

Practices that allow you to live a successful Christian life.

The virtues you need to add to your faith to make sure you never fail.

Divine healing is yours.

Financial health is yours.

Grace and peace are yours through the power of Jesus Christ!

(Soon Available in French.)

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