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What is KBM and what does KBM do in France? 

KBM is the ministry of Keith Butler, with the mandate to teach the word of God, do the work with God, and touch the world for God. In 2013 the Lord gave a command to Pastor Butler telling him to come to Europe, to be a catalyst to the Kingdom of God and the church, to teach them real faith and real grace. He was to do this through meetings, leadership trainings, setting up churches and schools—not the same blueprint for each nation. France was one of the first nations that the Lord said to go to. Since then, we have been holding monthly Bible Studies in Paris and Marseille, we have also put on bigger events nights of worship and word with Pastor Butler and our Gospel group Faith Nation, we have a weekly online Bible Study on Tuesdays, and in September of 2022 we launched our full time Bible School Pistis School of Ministry in French. This is for all believers who want a deeper foundation in their faith and want to be influential and used by God in their lives. 

Why KBM wants to minister to the French people? What is the vision of KBM for France?

When God gave the order to Pastor Butler, France was one of the first places He said to go. So out of obedience we have been ministering in France. The vision is to be a resource for France where people can come and hear the teaching of the word of God, in a balanced and true way, with authority. We are accomplishing this primarily through our School, our weekly online Bible Study, and our monthly live meetings in Marseille. Furthermore, we have partnered with Top Chretien and are featured on their platform with messages, devotionals, and teachings. We have a French YouTube channel and Facebook page too. Our goal is to serve France in any way we can through the school, the Bible Studies, the online resources and in the future through a local church.

What can people expect when they come to the Bible Study? (What is the purpose of these events, what do they look like?)

The monthly Bible study is a time to connect with those that follow KBM and are a part of the KBM family. It is a time of prayer, it is a time of the word and a time of ministry, where we can minister to you on a personal basis. When you come to our live meetings you can expect to be a part of a family, you can expect to hear the word ministered, you can expect to be prayed for.


Meet your host: short bio, who are you? (Pastor George)

Pastor George Rigos is the person who does the live Bible studies. He is the KBM European Director, based in Athens, Greece. He is the pastor of our church in Athens and teaches at the Greek and French Bible School. From a young age God put France on Pastor George’s heart, he remembers almost 30 years ago traveling through the French countryside from Paris to Nice and during this time God put France in his heart. “It seemed to me to be such a grand place of beauty and majesty.” From his first “official” ministry trip in 2006 he knew that he would be a part of what God is doing in France, and since then he has been ministering in some capacity in France. Pastor George has a wonderful wife Esther, and they have four kids Giuliana, Nicholas, Paul, and Christopher. 


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